How we can all help in Australia's bushfire crisis

How we can all help in Australia's bushfire crisis

Header image credit to Matthew Abbott, Sydney Photographer.

Our beautiful country is on fire. 
So many homes, animals, and lives have been destroyed and it is absolutely heartbreaking.

To our International friends, to put it into perspective, more than 5.9 million hectares of land has been burnt. That is 5 times the amount of the Amazon rainforest crisis.
There is a feeling of guilt doing our day to day, while the fires continue.

We have felt at times so incredibly helpless.
Everyday our thoughts and prayers are with all the people being affected by these devastating fires.

On a personal level we have donated money to various charities as well as food and supplies but still look to what we can do next.
We thought there would probably be other people feeling the same and wanted to share with you some ways you can help.

Not everyone is in a position to contribute financially so here are lots of different ways you can make a difference.


  • Share on social media - Spread awareness world wide. This can then allow our international friends to donate if they can.
  • Donate food - Find out your nearest Foodbank Australia drop off point here.
  • Offer space - Offer space to people who have been evacuated.
  • Write to your local government - Ask them what actions they are taking in your local area to help make changes to the future so this hopefully never happens again.
  • Donate your Fly Buys points -  to the Red Cross ( It is a thing! How great is that! It converts to money donations)
  • Volunteer - Volunteer at drop off points. e.g. - food drop offs and evacuation centres. Or Volunteer at Wildlife centres.
  • Plant a native tree - You can get them for as little as $4.
  • Donate blood - Why? because many people who normally donate can't due to being cut off or evacuated and so Red Cross needs blood donations now! Find out more here
  • Buy Local - Help rebuild towns and businesses affected by fire. Turia Pitt is compiling fire affected businesses here if you want to jump on and buy something to support them directly.
  • Make plans to visit - Plan your holidays for later in the year to head to towns affected and contribute to their tourism. Make them feel loved again.

Money donations
There can be so much confusion of where to donate money as there are so many options. These are some we have rounded up for you.

Directly to the families of the Fire Fighters tragically who lost their lives - 

Firefighter Samuel McPaul
Acc Name: NSW Rural Fire service
BSB: 032 001 Account No: 183554

Firefighters Geoffrey Keaton & Andrew O’Dwyer
Acc Name: NSW Rural Fire service
BSB: 032 001 Account No: 183556

WIRES Wildlife - Click Here
Currumbin Sanctuary  - Click Here

Red Cross Australia - Click Here
Foodbank Aus - Click Here
Salvos Australia - Click Here
Celeste Barber (Australian Comedian who has so far raised over 40 million) Click Here 

Just remember every little act of helping in some way is incredible.

Header image credit to Matthew Abbott, Sydney Photographer.


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