How to survive the last part of the school holidays!

How to survive the last part of the school holidays!

'I'm Bored!!!!
I bet you are sick of hearing that!

You have gotten through the biggest chunk of the school holidays. Congratulations!!
But now the last part seems to be dragging. WE HEAR YOU!!!

Until now there has been Christmas distractions, public holidays and celebrations. But now it feels like the back to school finish line is taking forever.
The holidays can cost a fortune with all the amazing paid activities happening around the place. Movies, theme parks, bowling, play centres, the list goes on. But we are here to help spark some ideas that will hopefully help you to make it over the finish line ( and not damage your wallet).

  • Visit your local Library - Libraries often have activities happening daily that the kids can join in for free. If not a visit there is still fun and they can pick some new books to come home and read!

    • Play dough fun - Kids love creating with play dough. Use this easy recipe and give them creative freedom!
      • 2 cups plain flour
      • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
      • ½ cup of salt
      • Up to 1.5 cups of boiling water (slowly add and mix until the consistency feels right)
      • Food colouring

  • Botanical gardens outing - Head to your local botanical gardens and go for a walk. Kids thrive outdoors and will usually be happier after!

  • Beach play - Head to the beach with the mission to collect things like shells, and driftwood etc and give them a mission. Then cool off and head home!

  • Free Craft - Shopping centres and your local Bunnings often have free school holiday craft so be sure to research your local. Then you don't even have to clean up after!

  • Baking - Cooking with kids can be messy but they love it! It is great for their learning too. Get them to help with meal prep or even do some simple cupcake or pikelet baking.

  • Park Picnic - Plan to go on an actual picnic at the park and wear them out playing in the park after

  • Catch local transport - Kids don't always get to experience the bus, ferry or tram so making it a planned activity can be fun! And you don't have to go anywhere particular!

  • Pizza Parlour - Create a pizza making station at home and they can build their own pizzas. Its fun and it takes care of lunch!

  • Balloon fossils - Put tiny toys like dinosaurs or sea creatures into a balloon and then fill with water and freeze. They then have to chip away until they get the 'fossils' out.

  • Gardening - Task the kids with watering the plants or garden or even collecting the weeds with you ( Best to be supervised with this one)

  • Nature craft - Head outside and get them to collect leaves, sticks, stones etc and then use it to create. Glue and paint to cardboard and paper. Even add other craft bits and pieces.

Please remember that children do not have to be entertained all day! They need more free play and calm. Encourage creativity but don't feel like you have to lead every craft session or activity. Allow them to explore and also do not feel guilty for the quiet times. 
Activities do not need to be over the top and extravagant, nor do they need to cost lots of money. Children often enjoy the simple things in life.

And most of all remember to breathe! Holidays can be a juggle, just know you are doing your best.

Good luck for the last hurdle of holidays!



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