Picture of Amy, founder of Little Renegade Company wearing snapback hat
Hi, my name is Amy and I am the owner of Little Renegade Company. This is my mini me Avalon Renegade. If I am responding to your email or active on social media, chances are she’s within a 5 meter radius of me. Avalon is the namesake and inspiration behind the brand. Before being a mum, I used to sew bibs and clothing for my soon-to-be mummy friends. I have always had an interest in design and choose to be creative in a classroom with 25 5 year olds as my profession.
In 2014, when on maternity leave from teaching and when Avalon was a few months old, I searched and searched for a baby hat that was not covered in an unfashionable baby print and also one that fit her little head. After being underwhelmed with what I could find or would actually fit, I decided to create my own range of baby caps that were tiny and could adjust and grow at the same rate she was. Caps that were fashionable, affordable and great quality. The rest is history! As the brand has evolved, so has our style and range.
Little Renegade Company’s home is on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia but you can find us in over 100 stores across 4 different countries! I hope to see your little one wearing LRC during their everyday adventures soon!
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