6 Ways To Get Your Kids To Wear A Hat! ( and keep the damn thing on!)

6 Ways To Get Your Kids To Wear A Hat! ( and keep the damn thing on!)

We have all been there. The second you put a hat on your little ones head, they pull it off. We get it! It's frustrating! But don't give up! YOU GOT THIS!!!

Firstly, sun safety is a must with little one. They have such sensitive skin and anything you can do to protect it you will try. Babies also often do not have much hair, so unless you want to smother their whole head in sunscreen, I suggest getting down and dirty with the hat wearing business STAT!

Without further ado, here are our top 6 tips to get your baby/toddler/child to wear a hat (and keep the damn thing on!)

1- Start Them Young!
If you can, start getting your baby used to having a hat on his or her head at a young age. Put it on them every day even when inside just to get them used to the feeling. If you are already at toddler stage... that's ok! Move to the next 5 tips!

2 - Distraction  
Put their hat on their head when they are distracted by something. Offer them a toy or a snack as you do it, or put it on while they are playing and focused on something else. Still pulling it off their head you say? Move to our next tip.

3 - The Right Fit
Choose a hat that is not flimsy or floppy. The wrong hat will fly off their heads or flop into their face. Choose something that is structured and sturdy and also adjustable, so you can have it fit comfortably on their head and not be in their way of activities.
We recommend our bucket hats for little ones as they are soft and have a chin strap.

4 - Monkey See, Monkey Do
Kids love to copy! That is how they learn. So talk to them and show them that their siblings and friends are wearing hats so you can too. Show them that you also wear a hat too and they will be more likely to follow suit.

5 - Get Them To Choose
Toddlers are all about expression and choice. Get them to help choose the hat or be a part of the process. They love to feel independent  (even if they are technically being guided by you)

6 - Persistence Is Key
At the end of the day, the more you persist and keep putting that hat on their head, along with consistent language of ' You have to wear a hat when we go outside. They are the rules' kind of talk, they will be wearing a hat in no time.
It's for their well being to be protected from the sun and once they get to school, those rules are enforced anyway so you may as well get them used to them at a young age.
It can be tiring, but honestly it won't take long.
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