Is your child protected from harmful UV rays?

Is your child protected from harmful UV rays?



Children (and adults) of all ages can easily get sunburnt, even in cool or cloudy weather and it’s reflected off water, sand or snow! But we have a few steps that you can follow to protect the whole family from the effects of the sun!


Babies have sensitive skin that can burn easily. Too much exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can lead to sunburn and eye damage.

Cancer Council Australia recommends you should take several steps to protect your baby, child and yourself from the sun.

Slip on protective clothing which protects as much skin as possible.

Slop on sunscreen preferably 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every 2 hours.

Slap on a hat. We suggest a bucket hat, wide brimmed swim hat or legionnaires hat for the best protection.

Seek shade. Your child doesn’t need to be directly in the sun to be burned by UV radiation.

Slide on some sunglasses, especially children!


Did you know?

Children and teens are vulnerable to UV rays because their eyes are not as developed as adults’ eyes. In fact, the ocular lens in youngsters cannot properly handle sunlight, so the sun can easily damage their retinas. Exposure to sunlight has a cumulative effect, leading to the development of eye problems as people age.

The average child takes in three times more sun annually than the average adult. Ophthalmologists estimate that by age 18, teens have experienced 25 percent of their lifetime exposure to the sun. And people with light-colored eyes are more prone to damage from UV rays.


So, we suggest checking out our range of sunglasses which have a Category 3 lens and a UV400 rating and getting your child used to wearing sunglasses as early as possible!


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