EASTER GIFT GUIDE: Cute ideas without the sugar binge.

EASTER GIFT GUIDE: Cute ideas without the sugar binge.


Easter is such a fab time of the year - the weather has cooled down, but it's still gorgeous outdoors, the older kids get to enjoy school holidays and it seems less frantic and more relaxed than Christmas. 

One thing we've noticed as Avalon gets older, is the amount of Easter eggs, chocolates and sugar keeps increasing each year. And don't get us wrong, we loooove chocolate, but we aren't too keen on the hyperactive behaviour, tantrums and cavities that can go with it. Even when we keep the amount from the Easter Bunny to an appropriate level, there's still ALLLL the chocolate from well-meaning Grandparents, Godparents, Aunties, Uncles and friends that pile up. And let's be honest; when there's all that chocolately goodness laying around, it's way too tempting for us parents to scoff it all down #zeroselfcontrol ;) 

So in an attempt to curve the chocolate bingeing this year, we've come up with a list of Easter gift ideas that you can pop in their basket or (subtly) suggest to friends and family. We guarantee the kids will love them just as much as chocolate!

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Easter Gift Guide 2019

1. An Experience

Instead of a gift, why not suggest to Nan and Pop that they take the kids to something fun - it could be the movies, sushi, bike riding, road trip or a sleepover. The kids will have a great time and you and your partner get a few hours alone! 

Image: Courtesy of Burleigh Wagon. Featuring our Nevada Cap - available in 3 sizes.


2. A New Hat for the Holidays

Of course we think our hats make the perfect addition to an Easter basket! There's so many fun prints, your mini me will be looking super stylish when you hit the park, beach or road trip this Easter! Guaranteed to last a lot longer than chocolate eggs.

Featured above: Sugar Mountains Reversible Bucket Hat - available in 4 sizes.
Featured above: Leopard Print Snapback Cap & Mexicana Snapback Cap - both available in 3 sizes.


3. Easter Activity Books

This is especially perfect if you're going away on holidays and want some activities to keep the kids busy in the car or waiting in airports. Or if you're staying at home over Easter and just want the kids to have some quiet time, this will keep them occupied and away from screens. There's heaps of cute, inexpensive Easter activity books in the dollar shops, supermarkets, department stores. 


4. A New Bag

Kids of any age love having a cool backpack for school/kindy and a duffle bag for sleepovers. You could even surprise them with their Easter eggs inside or suggest an egg hunt where they collect them in their new bag! 


5. A Special Book

We believe that one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is your time. There's something so rewarding and loving in the simple act of sitting down and reading a special book together. One of our favourites is the Sippy & Sunny series, which features some of the most beautiful illustrations we've ever seen. 

6. A Keepsake Toy

Imagine your little one waking up to their very own Easter bunny this year? Many kids grow up with fond memories of their favourite soft toy. Our handmade, knitted bunnies can be customised to your desire - including their outfit, size and colour. 

Happy Easter everyone!

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