How to DIY a travel activity bag for kids ( to amuse and distract)

How to DIY a travel activity bag for kids ( to amuse and distract)

With the holidays approaching, we know how hard it can be to keep the kids entertained while travelling.

If you are planning to travel on a plane or long car trips this one is for you!
Heck, this DIY activity bag is great even if you are just going out to dinner!

This bag can really be filled with so many different things that your child loves. Make it a reflection of who they are.
So please use this as a guideline to get started and then run wild with your own imagination!

An activity bag is exciting for kids because its new things ( meaning not just a bag filled with toys they already have seen before).
They are distracted by the excitement of what is inside and craft/ colouring in activities etc help to keep them busy.

The biggest tip to travelling successfully with kids is to plan ahead, and to keep them amused with activities and food. 
I never rely on inflight activities or the food service.
Always keep small snacks handy at all times! Kids don't always understand that they have to wait for the food trolley!

What we recommend for your activity bag -

1 x Bag ( We recommend one of the LRC back packs which can be found here)
1 x colouring in book 
1 x small pack of pencils/ textas / crayons ( whichever you prefer)
1 x small toy - e.g. match box car, slinky, small pony or some blocks.
1 x lightweight reading/ story book.
2 - 3 x play dough colours ( we love the small pre made play dough packs from Kmart or Target)
1 pack stickers
1 x treat

For older kids, small games like UNO or mini Guess Who etc are a great addition.
Flash cards or memory cards are awesome too!

I recently saw a really cool activity where you down load your own car track and print it off and your child can use it as a road or race track for the match box car. You can do this with maps of forests and paddocks too for little pony and dinosaur toys.

Also remember to bring something that makes them feel at ease. Perhaps its a blanket or a pillow, a teddy or a dummy. You want them to feel as relaxed as possible so that it takes the stress out of travel.

We hope you have the most amazing trip and enjoy every moment!

Happy Holidays!


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