20 Fun Quarantine Activity Ideas!

20 Fun Quarantine Activity Ideas!

Well who would have thought I would be sharing a blog about quarantine ideas but here we are, in 2020, surrounded by the unknown. So I thought sharing some fun ideas to entertain the kids might be handy!
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Here are our favourite at home activities...

Bake - Make cakes, pikelets or just get them to help you cook dinner!

Nature Painting- Wander the yard for some sticks and leaves and use them to paint on paper instead of brushes.

Treasure Hunt - Hide a variety of toys ( already owned) and then create a series of questions hey have to follow to find their treasure.

Bubble Baths ( and not at bedtime) - Fill it up and let them play!! ( Supervised of course)

Meditation - Put the relaxing music on an guide your little ones through a nice meditation. There are some cool apps for meditation with kids too.

Write a Story - Encourage the kids to create a story by asking a series of questions and encouraging their imagination.

Make Up A Dance - Pic a song and create a fun routine!

Lounge Room Disco - Turn the lights down and the music ups and go crazy!

Build a Sheet Fort - Throw some blankets and sheets over the dining table and some chairs and voila - a fort!

Have a Backyard Picnic - Take lunch or dinner outside and mix things up a little! The vitamin D will do you wonders

Backyard Obstacle Course - Create a series of obstacles in the yard to complete!

Science Experiements - Youtube can help with this, but I love the good old mentos in the Coke a Cola, or home made slime. So much fun!

Sensory Play -
Cook up some noodles, rice and jelly and let them play with their hands!

Make Play Dough - Seriously, the whole family loves play dough! Make some and then challenge the family to make something in particular in a fast time frame!

 Fun Craft - Anything from colouring in, painting, glueing etc is lots of fun!

Watch the Sunset - Taking the time to appreciate nature around you can do wonders to lift your mood!

Star Gaze Together - Take the blanket outside and look up at the stars. It will be calming and a great bonding session!

Read - Sit down together and read a book as a family!

FaceTime Friends and Family - Don't forget to keep in contact and check in on each other!

Watch a Movie - Choose a movie all together and enjoy the couch cuddles! Make some snacks or home made pizzas and really create a cinema vibe.

What will you choose? Most activities are free or use supplies you will already have at home or around you!


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